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Buhari How ‘cabal’ allegedly forced President back from London

Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai, in a leaked memo to Buhari also spoke about the so-called cabal.

Dr Peregrino Brimah, a social commentator has alleged that the widely reported cabal in Aso Rockis responsible for President Buhari’s ‘hasty’ return fromLondon.

According to Daily Post, Brimah said the cabal forced Buhari back to London so they could wield influence.

You will recall that the Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai, in a leaked memo to Buhari also spoke about the so-called cabal.

El-Rufai said “Mr. President, there is a perception that our government has been captured by a shadowy public service/PDP cabal such that we have won elections but the country is still run largely by these elements that are hostile to you and to us all.

“Mr. President, there is an emerging view in the media that you are neither leading the party nor the administration and those neither elected nor accountable appear to be in charge, and therefore the country is adrift.”

According to Brimah, “President Muhammadu Buhari is not well. It is impossible to deny how severely emaciated, weak and discombobulated he has appeared since returning to Nigeria.

“Buhari is clearly unable to fulfill the requirements of his office. The question is why the cabal bought him over, seeing how thin and weak he is.

“The media had severally reported that the cabal had been trying hard to bundle Buhari over against medical advice. Finally they succeeded in bringing him down, giving him immense stress, potentially worsening his condition and putting his life at greater risk.

 “No one will bring his father or friend over, looking as Buhari does and stress him as they are. These cabal are extraordinarily wicked.

“There is clear evidence the cabal are hurrying to use the exhausted and physically stressed president to sign themselves juicy deals and sign off Nigeria’s assets and oil endowment to themselves and their cronies at the expense of Buhari’s health and the nation’s progress.

“If there is a time Nigeria needs Saraki the most, perhaps this is the time. Fortune and resistance have made and kept publicly indicted, embattled Saraki as Nigeria’s Senate president.

“It is only the National assembly that can rescue Buhari from these predators and assist him to return to the United Kingdom as soon as possible to receive the health care and rest he deserves, protected from a greedy, insensitive exploitative cabal.

“Nigeria is in grave risk as the cabal hurry to manipulate an indisposed, frail Buhari to sign away on documents he is unable to decipher.

“The Senate is urged to assist Buhari and Nigeria by ensuring Buhari is protected from the mischievous, corrupt plots and relieved of the daunting task of manning the nation and allowed to rest and hopefully recover as medically advised.”

President Buhari returned to Nigeria on Friday, March 10, 2017, after spending 49 days in London, reportedly because of his medical issues.


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