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Davido When singer isn’t pressed to make music, the devil offers him a new job

By recording new music, and being engaged by the art, Davido can keep his demons at bay.

“An idle man soon gets a job from the devil…” My father used to tell me.

There’s something about being content in life. When you have nothing to hustle for, or no pressing issue that conscripts you against your will to do some meaningful activity, the devil always finds a way to get you a job.

Trust the devil to throw stuff your way to occupy your time. And all the time Satan chooses an activity for you, it is not in your best interests. From crime, to needless ventures, there’s always something bad that he offers freely.

I think that devil is on Davido’s case right now. I think that devil has found himself a young and robust man who is content with what he has going for him and wants to fuck it up. And trust David, he is carrying out his tasks nicely.

Nqobilé Danseur and Davido in 'If' video Nqobilé Danseur and Davido in ‘If’ video


Davido is flying high right now in the music industry. He has a new single titled ‘If’, which has ensured that his career gets the needed boost it was searching for on the continent. Where he spent last year chasing dreams and promises from Sony Music, he has entered 2017 with a focus on local content.

That focus and creative control has provided him with ‘If’, a dope single which has moved the needle on his career, and brought light into his corner. ‘If’ was produced by Tekno, and the beat, which sits firmly on the popular mid-tempo range is an infectious creation that has the country dancing. The song has climbed the Playdata charts and is currently the most played song on Nigeria radio.

A round of applause for Davido. Let’s give a huge effing round of hand claps for the DMW chief who has proven once again that he has the formula to stay around for long.

But this is where things get scary. The art is all that Davido leaves for. He has to stay engaged and continue to seek an elusive number one hit. It’s his job, the love of his life, and the only thing that brings validation to his existence. Take that away from him, and you have a huge hole to be filled.

Davido drops the art when he scores a huge hit, although for a short period of time. When he does that, there’s a hole waiting to be filled up. As he celebrates his new high-flying single, he leaves the studio, and takes a rest. And that’s when the devil sniffs an opportunity.

Nqobilé Danseur and Davido in 'If' video Nqobilé Danseur and Davido in ‘If’ video


From baby mama drama, to on and off beefs with Wizkid, there’s just enough being thrown his way by the devil to get his hands soiled and keep him away from the art. And just when he ought to focus on maximizing the impact and lifespan of his single, we have a new beef.

Davido trended across the country on Monday, March 13, 2017 for all the wrong reasons. One of his estranged peers and Lagos rich kid named Hushpuppi, decided to throw him a shade and insinuate that he’s got more money than the son of the business mogul and African superstar.

And so, for 24 crucial hours, everything became a pissing contest to show who has a longer dick. It was Davido vs Hushpuppi, and not Davido promoting his amazing song ‘If’. There were reports of the singer sending a member of the Special Anti-Robbery Sqaud to his rival and plenty of stunting on snapchat.

Davido, dad and brother Davido, dad and brother


Thankfully, everything was resolved before the end of the day. Davido and Hushpuppi were reconciled by a respected mutual friend, who doused the flames and had them hugging each other. That video was circulated across social media, and everyone slept peacefully at night, safe in the knowledge that the country was not going to explode, and Davido won’t be caught up in the flames.

Davido needs to get back to being hungry and recording more hit music. ‘If’ is pretty much going to be the soundtrack of the first quarter of 2017. After that, he would need more to come.

The devil is lurking by the corner, waiting to pounce, but by recording new music, and being engaged by the art, Davido can keep his demons at bay.


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