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‘Discovery’ Man claims drinking 2 glasses of human sperm per day cured him of homosexuality

A 61-year-old naturopath known to have been a LGBT militant has sparked controversy after claiming that he has been cured of homosexuality following his decision to drink two glasses of sperm per day for just few months.

The worldnewsdailyreport.com reported that Brian Franklin had been a mouthpiece for Gays and Lesbians for years and had worked with organisations that promote the right of homosexuals.


However, the naturopath was reported as saying that all the years he had been promoting LGBT rights, he was still uncomfortable about being a homosexual himself.

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According to the news portal, after using several herbal medicines, but to no avail, Mr. Franklin thought of human semen and conducted a trial on rats.

Having seen some positive results, the man resorted to drinking two glasses (600 ml) of human semen each day, and he is now confident that that his ‘solution’ is the best cure for homosexuality.

Brian Franklin was quoted as saying, “Only a month after I started the treatment, I began feeling less attracted to men. After six months, I was almost totally straight and I found women hot for the first time in my life!”

He explained that, “I just drink one glass of semen in the morning and one in the evening, and I can live like a normal person. I think it’s totally worth it!”

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One caution however is that, once you stop drinking the sperm, you relapse. So, one must consume sperm every single day to remain heterosexual.


It is not clear where the old man has been getting the gallons of sperm from.

Also, if it actually gets approval by the FDA, as he hopes, how homosexuals would come by the human semen to consume on daily basis is probably the biggest question.

Meanwhile, Mr. Franklin has received some bashing from experts in the world of science, some of whom described the ‘antidote’ as “ridiculous.”

Reports say some LGBT organisations have condemned Mr. Franklin and called him, “fraud”, a “homophobe” and a “traitor to all gays,” worldnewsdailyreport.com reported.


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