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DIVORCE ” Checkout The Countries With The Highest Divorce Rate.

Marriage and divorce are both common experiences. In Western cultures, more than 90 percent of people marry by age 50 while 97 percent of people marry before 40 in Africa. Healthy marriages are good for couples’ mental and physical health. They are also good for children; growing up in a happy home protects children from mental, physical, educational and social problems. However, about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the divorce. The divorce rate for subsequent marriages may even be higher.

According to the UN, the country with the highest divorce rate in the world is
the Maldives with 10.97 divorces per 1,000 inhabitants per year. This is followed by the Belarus with 4.63 and the United States with 4.34.

couple getting divorced

couple getting divorced

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Lucky enough, Nigeria ranks 124th

That is because most of our people will just pack out and start living with another person, No time for court time and all those divorce papers nonsense.


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