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Dr. Paul Enenche Top Benue lawyer tackles Pastor Adelaja over magic comments

Benue State-born lawyer and human rights activist, Abbas Ochogwu, has descended on Pastor Sunday Adelaja, after he accused the founder of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr. Paul Enenche, of using magic and rituals to perform miracles.

Ochogwu is not happy that the Kiev, Ukraine-based Pastor Adelaja, the founder of Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, has continued to attack Dr. Enenche and other ministers of God in Nigeria and wonders why he should pick out his kinsman for such accusations.

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Top Benue lawyer tackles Pastor Adelaja over magic commentsPastor Paul Enenche


Adelaja had, in a video shared on his Facebook page, accused top Nigerian pastors of performing magic in the church.

Adelaja has shared a video of Dr. Enenche where he and his wife, Becky, were seen proclaiming ‘parental blessings’ on the congregation with their hands on their heads, saying they were signs and actions of a ritual.

Reacting to the allegations, Ochogwu, in a letter addressed to the Pastor Adelaja, warned him to desist from attacking Enenche who is fondly called ‘God’s General’ by his followers and the entire Dunamis commission.

He cautioned the cleric against inviting the wrath of God upon his life with his constant attacks on God’s anointed.

The open letter reads:

‘Dr. Sunday Adelaja’s constant attack on Dr. Paul Enenche:

My attention has recently been drawn to certain derogatory remarks made by Pastor Sunday Adelaja on God’s Servant, my father in Lord, Dr. [Pastor] Paul Enenche.

Initially, I dismissed the information as totally untrue and unthinkable until I looked up the said Dr. Sunday Adelaja and to my utter shock and bewilderment, saw several files of Dr. Adelaja making very strange, terrible, untrue, sad and unfortunate self-damming remarks about not just God’s servant but other veterans in the gospel like Bishop David O. Oyedepo and Pastor E.A. Adeboye.

Top Benue lawyer tackles Pastor Adelaja over magic commentsPastor Paul Enenche

 (Twitter/Dr. Paul Enenche)

I am compelled, circumstantially, to do this write up to salvage the microscopic few who may be deceived by the personality of Dr. Sunday Adelaja maligning and attacking God, thinking he is attacking Dr. Enenche, David O. Oyedepo, and Pastor E.A. Adeboye to their own self-destruct as it happened in the matter of Dathan, Koran and Abiram who attacked Moses, the servant of God and the earth opened up to swallow them promptly. [See Numbers 16: 1-35].

I also do this write up with a high sense of spiritual and moral responsibility calling on all Christians to rise and contend for the faith once delivered to the Fathers [Jude 3] as an attack on the Fathers of the faith is an attack on the Christian faith.

Dr. Sunday Adelaja, in his posts in the electronic media, continues, maligning and castigate other ministers as being totally wrong except himself. A core manifestation of carnality according to the scriptures.


The scriptures are clear on those who are not afraid to speak up against God’s anointed. I denounce in strong terms, the continuous denigration of the personality of God’s Servant, Dr. Paul Enenche and urge all Christian and faithful followers of the ministry not to be distracted or daunted by this, for we are not unaware of the devices of the enemy.”


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