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For Women 15 ways to know you’re dating a keeper

Perfection is difficult to find, not even in a partner or soulmate.

However, there are men that will be just perfect for you, not because they have no flaws, but because they get so many things right and work so hard to make up for even their ‘insignificant’ defects.

When you find a guy who fits this bill, just know you’ve found yourself a keeper, the perfect husband material and these are likely the things you’ll see in him.

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1. He’s courteous, kind and considerate.

2. He’s tries hard to be there for you and he’s always full of support.

3. He wants to bring you home to his parents.


4. He has no side chicks, and curves girls to stay faithful to you.

5. He’ll not hurt you – not emotionally nor physically.

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6. He’s sensitive to all your needs.

7. He’s that guy you’re proud of. One you’ll proudly show off.

8. He prays for you and prays with you.

9. He doesn’t have time for games and is always honest with you.


10. He stays true to his word and keeps his promises.

11. He’s a go getter. Hard working and ambitious and never scared to go after what he wants.

You can tell him all about you that no one else knows about (The Love Lint)

12. He’s sure of you and never makes you doubt how he feels.

13. He is never tired of saying how much he loves you.

14. He apologizes when he’s wrong. And does it right.

15. He is the only guy you ever felt you couldn’t live without.


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