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Grown Woman Sex 4 things nobody told you about making love after the age of 35

Your sexual experiences changes as you age. Here are what to expect when you are over the age of 35.

Most women understand that sex changes as they grow older, especially when these changes are brought on by menopause. But are you truly prepared for what truly happens? Once a woman reaches the age of 35, she can expect a few things not to stay the same.
HuffingtonPost shares 4 of such changes.

1. Sexual peak is not guaranteed: It has always been believed that women reach their sexual peak in their late 30’s even through early 40’s. While there is some fact in this, it is not necessarily true for everyone. Leah S. Millheiser, MD, director of the Female Sexual Medicine Program at Stanford Health Care said, “Many women are surprised to hear that their testosterone, the hormone of desire, starts to decline as early as in their 20s. But every woman experiences a drop of up to 50 percent in her testosterone levels between her 20s and 50s.”
Often times, life issues such as family, work, kids, friends, etc, can affect how likely you are to get this boost in sexual libido. “Women are sexually plastic, meaning their desire is more impacted by outside factors than men’s,” Millheiser added.

2. Contraceptives could hurt: Women are very likely to opt for some form of birth control sometime in their mid to late 30’s as this is usually a time most are done with having children. But if you choose to go with the pill, be informed that this could cause vagina dryness, making sex very uncomfortable.
“Birth control pills stop you from ovulating, which lowers testosterone, and also increase a protein that binds testosterone, meaning there’s less of it freely flowing in your blood stream,” says Alyssa Dweck, MD, assistant clinical professor in the department of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive science at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
3. No need to worry about frequency; Recent research has shown that having sex once a week is the key to happiness. Since this is about the number women have time for when they are over 35, then it is very likely their relationship is so much stronger. Don’t be fooled though, this does not mean having sex twice a week makes you doubly satisfied, in fact, it could bring about the opposite effect.

4. The Big O’ Effect: Once you pass the age of 35, orgasms usually come easier than they did in your 20’s. This is because, not only do you have enough experience to know what you want, you are also more matured that you can ask for it without feeling self conscious.
“Men orgasm when they ejaculate — it’s more of a mechanical process — but when women orgasm their brains have to get into it,” says Dweck. “So many women in their 20s are still focusing on intercourse as a key to orgasming; it can take until your mid-30s to realize what combination of touch and thought process will get you where you want to go.”



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