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In India Thief force fed 40 bananas by police so he stools stolen gold chain

The Indian police have been reported to have force fed a thief who had been accused of stealing a gold chain, 40 bananas in a bid to make him stool it.

The 25-yr-old man had earlier been chased down by the police, forcing him to swallow the evidence in a bid to conceal it.
After he had been caught by the police, the thief had denied snatching the chain from a woman on the streets of Mumbai, until an Xray had proved that he had ingested the chain.
The police are reported to have administered an enema to the thief in a bid to force him to excrete the chain, all to no avail.
Following the failure of the enema, doctors had reportedly suggested a surgery to be used in retrieving the chain.
After deciding that a surgery would be too expensive and time consuming, the police had opted to force feed the thief up to 40 bananas in a bid to make him stool the chain.
Speaking on the incident, a senior inspector with the Mumbai police, Shankar Dhanavade, said:
“He was fed more than 40 bananas throughout the day. Eventually the chain was found. We made him wash and disinfect it.”

The man has now, according to reports, been charged to court to pay for his crimes.


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