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KHARKOV NEWS UPDATE – In Kharkov, a trial of a suspect in a fatal accident Yelena Zaitseva (online)

Today, on October 20, the suspect was brought to the Kyiv District Court of Kharkov in a fatal road accident on Sumskaya Street, Elena Zaitseva. 

A 20-year-old girl in handcuffs was taken to the courthouse by policemen. At 14.00 the meeting began on the election of a measure of restraint. The judge is Svetlana Muratova.

As KHARKIV Today wrote   earlier, Elena Zaitseva, who was behind the wheel of Lexus, was detained on October 18 at the place of a  fatal accident , in which five people were killed, and six of them were in the hospital. As the examination showed, the girls did not find alcohol in the blood.

On Thursday, October 19, law enforcers reported that Zaitseva was in jail. The prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region will insist on keeping her in custody.

17.03. Elena Zaytseva said that until today’s meeting, no one informed her about the results of the examination (urine tests in which opiates are found).

16.58. The defense provided the protocol of interrogation of Gennady Dronov – driver of Volkswagen Touareg. He is represented as a witness in the case.

16.39. The court started to review the material evidence – a video from the scene of the accident, as well as read the testimony of witnesses of an accident.

16.36. The court announced a minute break and asked no one to disperse.

16.23. Attorney Julia Kozyr believes that her client’s rights were violated, because right after the accident, photo of Elena Zaitseva’s driver’s license appeared on Internet sites. According to her, the driver gave the driver’s license only to the patrol policeman. This, according to the lawyer, jeopardized the life of the suspect.

16.06.“We mourn everything together. In memory, all of us will have these terrible shots, the consequences of an accident. It is impossible without this shudder to cross this intersection. Their condolences were asked to convey the parents of Elena Zaitseva […] Despite the fact that at the moment there is no objective data that indicate who is to blame for the accident, the family of Elena Zaitseva believes that she is obliged to help the families of the victims […] I ask the doctors, zvynuvachyat at the unbearable evil. Ask vrahuvati, scho at a time in large Quantity MEREZHI Je vіdeo znyatih of cameras, they are good vbachaєtsya scho sama avtomobіl Volkswagen Touareg zіtknuvsya of Lexus cars. Vin znahodivsya for stop-line, rozpochinav svy rozh on zhovtii signal svitloferu. What do you mean for Zoytseva Olena? “- lawyer Koryr appealed to the court,

16.06. Zaytseva said that she considers suspicions about herself unfounded.

15.56 . Elena Zaitseva was given the right to give explanations. The suspect cries. Elena’s lawyer said that, given the difficult health condition, it’s hard for Elena to talk. Therefore, she will say very briefly.

“I’m sorry that people were hurt. This is the only thing that really bothers me right now. I hope that families will still allow my parents to help them. This is the worst thing that can be. All my thoughts only about this, “- said Elena Zaitseva.

To comment on suspicions about herself and the measure of restraint that the prosecutor’s office requires, she refused.

“The police refused to provide me with medical care, although I asked for hospitalization. They did not say anything at all what I should do, I think it’s wrong, “said Elena Zaitseva, answering the question whether she was pressured during the investigation.

15.53.  “Klopotannya PARTIES schodo Zahist vitrebuvannaya zaznachennih spatial information that announced Pererva zalishiti without zadovolennya” – said Judge Muratova.

15.37. Zaytseva’s lawyer says that her client took sedatives on her own after the accident. Julia Kozyr said that she was suspicious of the document, which she refused to be provided by the investigator today at 11.00 am, referring to the fact that the results of the analyzes are not yet ready.

15.35. “The suspect’s urine was taken at 21.40. The doctors who assisted the suspect explained that they gave her anaprilin tablets to lower the pressure (135/80). These medicines do not affect the analysis, “the investigator believes, and declares that the petition of the defender is inappropriate.

15.32. The lawyer and the suspect confirmed that during the break they had the opportunity to talk.

The prosecutor objected to the petition of the defense of the suspect.

15.28. “It is not designated kіlkіst речовини, яка була у виідібраних ззках Зайцевої. Chi zdatna bula ta kilkіst vplyivati on її дії. Unequivocally, you change the time to an hour. Before vіdіbrannyam re-selection zrazkiv Zaitsev vzhivala zaspokіlive. Meni potrybno viyaviti, yakі sama preparations i yaki rechovini were included in them, “Kozyr said after the break.

She asked to postpone the court session for one or two days to make a lawyer request to the doctors who gave drugs to Elena Zaitseva on the spot and after the accident, before the additional fence analysis.

15. 24. The break was over. The court session was continued.

Elena Zaitseva.  Video frame

Elena Zaitseva. Video frame

14.56. A break was announced in the court session for 25 minutes.

14.42. Attorney Zaitseva asked to attach to the case materials documents that indicate that her client is on treatment. And also an appeal to the victims about “Zaytsev is in the name of grief and sadness”.

“Fathers Deer were scrawled by stretching 19 Zhovtnya, as if they had managed to deal with the victims and nadati to the housekeeper, but all the stinks meant to be on the safe side, that was why it was not possible to achieve it. Mi begged slіdchogo allegedly posepriati, abi nadati dopomogu motherland suffered that zagiblikh, “- said the lawyer Kozyr.

14.36. The examination confirmed that opiates have been found in Zaitseva’s blood, “the prosecutor said.

“There is always great disagreement. Meni bulo paimidomleno, scho buv clean analiz. Meni potreben hour, Abi pospilkuvatisya p-dizakhnoyu. At the end of the treb, no less than three years ago. Tse nesinitnitsya, this can not be. Zmusili pidozryuvanu take a repeat analiz of blood and urine … Can you in Russian? Analyzes were taken with violations, in the office of the investigator in the presence of unidentified persons, about 50 people incomprehensible who called themselves activists, “- lawyer Kozyr.

The investigator insists that three hours is very much.

“Tse analiz book takes not at me in the cabins, but at the drug center.” At me in kabіnetі vіdіberasya analіz blood for bіlogіchnogo дослідняня. Tomu scho on kermi, on sidinnyi buli are known by the bloody beaches, “- the prosecutor.

14.34. “I had a trauma after an accident in 2007,” Zaitseva said in court.

According to her, she had a traumatic brain injury, she is registered and undergoes treatment once a year. However, at the time of the accident she did not take any medications.

14.32. Elena Zaitseva in court admitted that she had fines for violation of traffic rules.

14.26. The investigation believes that the suspect can hide from the investigation or put pressure on the victims or witnesses. In addition, Lexus also had a citizen Kovaleva, who refused to testify and is familiar to Zaitseva. Also, the investigator stressed that the suspect systematically violated the SDA (six times in the last two years), paid fines, but did not draw conclusions.

“I ask you to be satisfied with the hassle and to secure the memorable zahod for pidozryvanoi – trimannya pіt vartoyu for 60 days at the SIZO and not viznachati rozmіr forcing,” – Prosecutor Blokhin.

14.12. Yelena Kozyr, known as the lawyer of the guard of Gennady Kernes, defends Elena Zaitsev.

14.04. There is an emergency ambulance in the room, since the suspect may need help, because during the investigation Zaitseva was called on several times by doctors, the investigator said.

Video frame

Elena Zaitseva in court. Video frame

14.02. A judge came to the hall. The meeting began. The judge asked the activists and journalists to move away from the glass chamber where Elena Zaitseva is. The suspect cries.

Photo: KHARKIV Today

Photo: KHARKIV Today

13.56. Elena was brought to the courtroom. She looks very upset. The girl was surrounded by journalists, in the hall there are 17 TV cameras. She does not answer questions and sits with her head tilted.

There are a lot of people in the hall, so that prosecutors can not come.

13.20. As reported by the correspondent of  KHARKIV Today , the mother of Elena Zaitseva came to court. She refuses to comment. The building of the Kiev district court is under intensive protection.

Photo: Nikolay Krivolapov

Photo: Nikolay Krivolapov

Photo: Nikolay Krivolapov


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