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KHARKOV UPDATE NEWS” New Transport rules change from December 1 TO Travel within Kharkov

Starting from December 1, the Eticket electronic ticket system   will work in Kharkov ground electric transport , and from January 1 – in the metro. 

understood that it will change in the city, when the system will work in full force, and found the answers to the most asked questions.

Are there any Metro maps?

Cards on the subway can be used in December, but then they become invalid. It will be necessary to buy universal: for travel and in the underground, and in ground electrotransport (trams, trolley buses). Since the launch of a single electronic ticket, that is, since January 1, the former map for paying for the passage in the metro will not operate, since the whole system will be new.

If funds remain on the card, they can be returned to the main department of the Kharkov Metro at the address: Podolsky Lane, 19.

And you can buy new cards right in the terminal. The cost of one card is 30 UAH including one reserved trip (either in land transport or in the subway). In the city council they assure that if the card owner wants to return it, the cost of the card with the deduction of this one trip will be returned.

Where can I refill and how many new cards?

You will be able to replenish new cards in the nearest terminal. A total of about 600 terminals will be installed in Kharkov: 320 ground terminals and about 250 terminals in the metro. As KHARKIV Today wrote , more than 200 ground terminals have already been installed , they continue to be equipped with public transport stops. In addition, in land transport it is already possible to see attachments for validators.

Through these terminals it will be possible to replenish an electronic ticket for up to UAH 500. In the metro, the terminals will issue change, but at the stops of ground public transport from such a function refused. According to the investor of the Eticket system, this was done “for security reasons.”

New maps are not limited by the number of trips and they need to be changed in case of damage.

How will the beneficiaries, pensioners and students travel?

Within the e-ticket system, there are also cards for beneficiaries. In retirees and students, the cards will be blue, the rest will be green. Such a map will preserve the possibility of preferential travel in public transport.

The city authorities also promise to transfer passengers of preferential categories to new cards in the period January-February. How will this happen in the city council will be told later.

How will the one-time fare be paid?

Travel by card will be paid at the time of travel. When the passenger enters the trolleybus or tram with the map, the card must be brought to the validator – the green tick, the route number, and the trip is activated. The rest of the funds on the card can be checked only when the card is replenished.

Also in the trams and trolley buses conductors will continue to work, who will still be able to purchase a one-time ticket for travel in transport. Also a one-time ticket for travel can be purchased at the terminal. It will operate only 24 hours after the purchase, after 24 hours the ticket will be invalid. The controllers will have mobile validators. For non-payment of travel the passenger will be fined 60 hryvnia.

Will the travel in land and underground electric transport become more expensive due to the new system?

Now the fare in the Kharkov metro is 4 hryvnia, in the land city electric transport – 3 hryvnia per ticket. City authorities do not report an increase in the price of travel in trams and trolleybuses. Since December 1, when the system will operate in land transport, the fare will not change exactly. But from January 1, travel in the Kharkov underground and in ground electric transport will be made on the same map.


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