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Lady Finds A Fully Formed Egg Inside An Egg She Bought And Boiled

A Lady named Sisiza‏ @uThabisa_ has just taken to twitter to reveal that she found a fully formed egg inside an egg she boughtshe tweeted the above photo with the caption;
An egg within an egg. I was tryna make breakfast. Kuthiwa yontoni xa ibizwa? ‍♀️ #Twoogle

see some replies below;

Am just wondering how big was the first egg before you even boiled it , did you buy an ostrich egg ?!

In my local dialect jumbo is an elephant so am just wondering you bought an egg of an elephant 

It’s nature and it’s a possible to happen. We can go back to science and I hope you will believe. Don’t worry about that

There has to be a meaning to this, everything in your life is going to multiple, 2018 owakho sis

So many things are happening this year we dnt knw if is good or bad,same as #morata we dnt knw if we made a mistke or a not


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