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Lady Goes To Her Boyfriends House Unannounced Hides Inside His Wardrobe To Surprise Him Only To Find Out He Is Gay


A new relationship is exciting, during this phase couples tend to do most of the things that will make their partner happy such as surprises. Who wouldn’t love surprises?
This beautiful woman, however, surprised her boyfriend of three days (yeah you read it right, just 3 days!) but got the shocked of her life instead.

Dressed in a stunning short dress, she plans to surprise her boyfriend in his condo.

She then sets up the camera before hiding in the closet. Probably, to see his reaction if she suddenly pops up in the room.
Moments later, her boyfriend came in with another a male.

They appear to be drunk and started getting intimate with each other. Really? Hearing the suspecting noises, the woman burst out of the closet and voila!

His darkest secret has been revealed – apparently, he’s gay.

Of course, the equally stunned boyfriend tasted the fury of the woman and was left powerless to do anything against her anger.
The video was posted by Kenning Gugma Koh on Facebook.

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