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Marital Problems What if you found out your husband of 2 years is gay?

Unfortunately too many crazy, inhumane and unpleasant things happen in marriages.

Just imagine the can of worms that would be open if everyone gave complete details of what goes down in their marriages.

Some of the craziest, inhumane, unpleasant things happen that get covered up for the sake of keeping marriages together.

Sometimes though, some of these issues are too grave and too unbearable for the affected partners, and bring about the [justifiable] end of such marriages.

Marital issues could become unbearable at some point (Huffington Post)

Earlier today, March 9 2017, a twitter user revealed that her cousin had divorced her husband of two years who she discovered to be gay.

Apparently, she had been forced into marrying him.

Woman discovers her husband is gay after two years (Twitter)

The questions that readily comes to mind are“who were those that forced her to marry him?” and“why would they do such thing in this age?”

These questions lack answers at the moment, but it is unquestionable that many people would end such marriage too, because the circumstances make it quite justifiable to do so.


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