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Nation Of Crooks Kenyan blogger says Nigerian men use their women as drug mules

Cyprian Nyakudi, a self-acclaimed noisemaker rants against Nigerian men in reaction to a video posted by a Nigerian showing debasing sexual acts being performed by a kenyan woman.

A controversial Kenyan blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi, is set for another online war between his country and Nigeria after he took to his blog to call Nigerian men all sorts of names including criminals, scammers and drug dealers who use their women as drug mules.
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Nyakundi who describes himself on his Twitter account as a registered noisemaker who pens unique banters and has an interest in all things controversial, says he is angry after an online video showed a Nigerian man recording degrading sexual acts by a Kenyan woman.
This is the degrading article Nyakundi posted on his blog:
“Further to our exposé recently where we revealed how Nigerian men trick naive, stupid Kenyan women and rope them into their zone by lacing condoms with narcotics, a video has emerged of a Kenyan girl embarrassing herself so as to please a Nigerian conman in Nairobi.

Please note that other than those who work in corporates, many Nigerians in the country are conmen, involved in the business of drugs, fake currency and fraud. They work with a network of senior police officers and Government officials.
We post this video not to embarrass the young naive stupid Kenyan girl selling her soul to the devil, but as a deterrent measure for other girls liaising with Nigerians for short-term thrills. No Kenyan man wants to marry or be associated with a woman who has been with a Nigerian.
Many Kenyan women who are sexually-deprived and morally-bankrupt have departed from our cultural norms to seek love, attention and validation from third-rate Nigerians, using the notion of berating Kenyan men as being incomparable.
Such women are outcasts and should not be integrated with the rest of us. Beginning with Vera Sidika & Huddah Monroe, let these women immigrate to Nigeria, where they belong.
We also serve notice to leading media house executives. Wachira Waruru and Linus Kaikai are perhaps the Number 1 scum of corporate Nairobi. We don’t want to see Nigerian movies on our big screens again. You will need to travel to Nigeria and tell us how many Riverwood movies show on Nigerian TV.”



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