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No Chill Cheating woman forced to walk the streets naked (Video)

A cheating woman who was caught sleeping with another person’s husband was made to walk naked in the streets in China.

A cheating woman who could not keep herself from another woman’s husband was given a treatment she would never forget in a hurry.

According to Daily News, the incident happened somewhere in China where the woman was caught red-handed sleeping with another person’s husband by the wife and to teach her a lesson, she was made to walk the streets naked, with only her bra to cover her upper region.


The footage of the show of shame showed the woman being frogmarched without any pants while she tried all she could to cover her private parts.

In the video which has become viral, a female voice is heard running a commentary on the incident:

“A woman was forced to walk the streets without any pants after allegedly sleeping with someone else’s husband.

It is alleged the semi-naked woman who is carrying a handbag in the footage, had slept with another woman’s husband.


The walk resembled the famous ‘shame walk’ from HBO smash hit Game of Thrones, where Lena Headey’s character is forced to walk the streets naked to atone for her sins.”

See the video here.


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