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Readers say they will never accept a lover who dumped them for a friend

95% of #NAIJATAKEOVER READER ALL OVER , Poll voters say they will never take back a lover who dumped them in difficult times.

After her boyfriend, Chibuike, dumped Becky when she lost her job and moved to her best friend, she was devastated and suicidal. But God blessed her with a new and better job with lots of perks and the young man is back, pleading with her to give him another chance.

The confused Becky sent in this letter asking for advice from  NAIJATAKEOVER :

“My name is Becky, a 28-year-old lady. I work with an international oil servicing company in Lagos. I have a burning issue that has been eating me up and I really need some advice before I do anything stupid.

About two years ago, I was madly in love with a young man, Chibuike, whom I thought was the best thing to ever happen to me, until it turned out that he was just the opposite.

At the initial stage, Chibuike was all over me, showering me with love and attention. At that time, I was working with a big hotel and though the money was not too good, I lived well and he practically moved in with me as he was still squatting with his brother and since we could not have much privacy, I had to tell him to come and live with me.

H did not have good job, so I was practically the one who fended for him but I never minded beaus I loved and had hopes of settling down with him. Then last year, I lost my job and could no longer give Chibuike the kind of lifestyle he was used to and that was when we started having problems.

But it got to a head when I realised that my best friend, Anita, was secretly sleeping with Chibuike and when I confronted him, he tol m plainly that since I could no longer cater for him, Anita was doing it and he had to move on with her. I also confronted Anita and she was smug enough to tell me to live with the fact that Chibuike had moved on to her.

I was devastated and ashamed at how two people who meant so much to me could hurt me that way. It took a lot of crying to get it off my chest and move on. Around August last year, I got this new job with lots of perks including international travel, an official car, a house and really good salary and just as I was basking in it, Chibuike appeared and has been begging me to take him back.

Some friends have also told me to take him back if he has changed while others have forbidden me from doing that. I am confused and if truth be told, I still have feelings for him but I fear he will hurt me again.


The teaser for the day was:

Would you forgive and take back a lover who dumped you for your best friend?

How Nigeria voted:

38% – Yes, I will forgive him/her if he/she is genuinely repentant

95% – No, I will never accept him/her back

17% – I will not even be on talking terms with him/her

How would you vote here?



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