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Sex Tapes There is no reason you should have one

Homemade sex tapes have pretty much in existence since the camcorder was made.

People who had porn star fantasies had to just buy one of the fancy gadgets and get a willing partner. It was that simple. Some things are just too good to be true and sex tapes shot in private homes somehow got leaked.

With the Internet, things got more intense as leaked sex tapes found a home on the world wide web. Leaked porn clips are so big these days that some sites have a dedicated category for them.

4 places you shouldn’t touch during sexplay4 places you shouldn’t touch during sex

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Of course, we cannot talk about leaked sex tapes without talking about Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star is perhaps the only woman on earth who was able to spin her sex tape into a multi-million dollar industry.

Kim Kardashian Sex TapeplaySex

Not many people are so lucky. Some people have had their sex tapes leak and it ended up destroying their lives. The daughter of the President of Congo Brazzaville, Claudia Sassou Nguesso was recently involved in a sex scandal.

Claudia Sassou Nguesso.playClaudia Sassou Nguesso.


Claudia’s sex tape was leaked by her boyfriend after he blackmailed her. The boyfriend wanted $50,000 not to leak the tape. She didn’t budge and her boyfriend did his worst. Chances are that Claudia would move on from the scandal but for everyday people, that is unlikely.

Why shoot a sex tape? Of course, it’s fun and exciting. It brings an extra thrill to an activity that already gets your hormones boiling hot. Recording yourself having sex is like the little cherry on top of a delicious cake.

Sex tape of confusionplaySex tape of confusion

 (Emirate 247)

Not all sweet things are good for you. And after the groaning and moaning comes to the reality. You have recorded yourself in an intimate position. As with most things intimate, it is not up for public consumption.

Having a sex tape in your phone, Google drive or e-mail is relatively as long as no one hacks your mail or knows your phone password. However, if your sex tape is with another person, then you are messing with a ticking time bomb.

Trust is a fickle thing. You never know who you are dealing with until they have your nudes or sex tapes in their hands. One moment of indiscretion or stupidity could have your sex tape floating on Twitter or a porn site.

No matter how good the sex is, the best thing to do is not have a sex tape. The risk is too high and the reward barely exists if it leaks. At the end of the day, it is not really worth it. It could get into the wrong hands and you can get blackmailed.

Mathieu Valbuena and Karim Benzemaplay(AFP/Getty Images)

A leaked sex tape might that damage your professional life and derail your career. Yeah, we all have fantasies to be some sex god and watch ourselves in action. It’s a nice thought but if you think long and hard about it, you won’t press that record button.


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