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Sorry To Be The Bearer Of Bad News 5 good reasons women fake orgasm


This isn’t the first time you’re hearing women fake orgasms, but the reasons vary. Here are 5 of the most “stomachable” reasons.


Fake orgasms are the bane of men’s existence, it’s very demoralizing especially when she isn’t very good at faking it and you catch on to it, and you’re there watching her act orgasm horribly. While it isn’t entirely the lady’s fault, it also isn’t the guy’s fault.

According to Psychology Today, only about a quarter of women achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse, regardless of the length or width of the tool.

Taking things to another notch higher, about 20 per cent seldom have or ever had orgasm during sex. 5 per cent have never had orgasm. So, your work has been cut out for you, it’s all not very encouraging at all.

Joy Stokes of Xonecole explores the reasons why women fake orgasm.


1. To make you happy

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Weirdly, she is still trying to prioritize your happiness over hers, she just wants to boost your ego. For better men who care about the female orgasm, people who don’t want to be selfish, they will put the lady’s joy over theirs. She’s done this for you, so your ass can feel like a man!

2. The sex is becoming too long


Being able to last long sometimes is a bad thing, and if she is busy and you’re taking too long feeling like the nigga, she might just have to throw in a fake orgasm so she can move on with the rest of her life.


3. You were both drunk

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The night was really good, and you both had too much to drink and it’s now a problem for anyone to cum, so the lady takes the fall. Fake an orgasm, and go to lala land and be done with the night’s experience.

4. The sex is painful

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You have to admit this is a valid reason for faking orgasm, I also think you should stop immediately once it becomes uncomfortable. So, for you to remain happy, orgasm remains faked so things can go on.


5. She wants something

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That is probably the most devious reason for faking an orgasm, but hey! It works, superbly well too. Making you happy before tabling a request is a sure bet of getting what we want, making you falsely believe you’re the man.


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