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SPORT ” Anthony VS Klitschko Remarch in NIGERIA /LAGOS Anthony Joshua Boxer is open to fighting in Lagos

Nigerian-born Anthony Joshua even thinks Lagos is a better option than Vegas to host his next big fight.

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Nigerian-born boxer Anthony Joshua is very open to Lagos insisting that people will watch good fight regardless of the venue.

The talk of Lagos as a venue for a high-profile boxing match was raised by his rival

Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua is very open to fight in Lagos (Richard Heathcote / Getty Images)

In a recent interview, Joshua was asked about the possibilities his possible rematch with Wladimir Klitschko in Lagos and he was opened to it.

He first tackled the interviewer who said that Lagos as a venue for the fight is farfetched. “Is Lagos more farfetched than Vegas?,’” Joshua asked the Raw and Uncut interviewer.

The 27-year-old boxer went to explain that Lagos is closer to London in terms of time zone and distance than Vegas.

Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua is open to the idea of having his rematch with Klitschko in Lagos (AFP)

Lagos is an hour ahead of us or behind us, six hours on the plane. It takes 10&1/2 hours to get to Vegas,’’ he explained.

You say far fetch just because you don’t know Lagos the same way you know Vegas.

I will say in my own humble opinion, you shouldn’t write anything off. As long as the fight is good it doesn’t matter where it is. Fighting brings people together regardless.’’

Joshua further insisted that Lagos is a better option than Vegas.

Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua defended Lagos in the interview (AFP/File)


If you want to talk in terms of time zone, travel cost and other stuff, it doesn’t make much difference to Vegas. It’s actually a better option,” he added.

But I can see what you are saying because Vegas is like the mecca of boxing, Mayweather and all that, but I’m going to defend Nigeria.”

For his rematch with Klitschko, Joshua said the Ukrainian would care about where the fight holds.

Yea, of course, he would care. He would care more about what he is gaining in Nigeria and what he’s gaining in Vegas.”


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