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State Of The Music How can you get into the Nigerian music industry?

You can get into the music industry by yourself, in your house, doing your music.


I get this question every day. People all over the country are searching for new ways to get into the music industry. They go online, make calls, search for various numbers, and try to link up with various people.

Nigerian youths want to get into the music industry in their numbers, as they seek new grounds to express themselves, achieve fame and look for financial breakthroughs.From Ojuelegba to the world

From Ojuelegba to the world

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According to a new report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the Nigerian music industry in particular is able to generate billions of naira in revenue and create a prosperous ripple effect on our economy.

In their 2016-2020 Entertainment and Media Outlook, PwC details that the previous half decade has seen unprecedented growth, and predicts that the next four years will even be more prosperous for the music industry.

According to the report, the Nigerian music industry was worth $40 million (N11 billion) in 2011 and $47 million (N14 billion) in 2015. By 2020 this figure is expected to double to $86 million (N27 billion). This growth is as a result of the explosion of digital distribution of music that has reduced traditional piracy – the Alaba cartel that has held the industry back for so long.

Davido's luxury rides

Davido’s luxury rides


‘Nigeria’s total music revenue is dependent on ringtones and ringback tones’, says the report. It goes further to say that by 2020, more than 90 percent of music sales in Nigeria would be on digital platforms.

With this revenue up for grabs, people are struggling to get in. How do you get in?

The Nigeria music industry isn’t centralised. There is no one place that is called the Nigerian music industry. You can’t point at a specific house, area or city that says: “Nigeria Music Industry”. It is made by different bodies, people, organisations and more interacting with each other to generate value.

So to get into the industry as an artiste, all you have to do is work. Get into the studio, record a song and begin to promote via the internet, release your music online, record more, find local events perform and continue to work. Slowly as you apply yourself to it, you will keep meeting people, and interacting with more members of the music industry. That’s how you get in.


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