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UEFA charges Dynamo Kyiv over racism attack

There has been outrage over plans to racially segregate fans after a shocking video of four black fans being attacked during a Champion League match emerges
he pictures of the violent incident appear to show the same attacks captured on video on Tuesday night Photo: DailyMail/Reuters

The football world is yet again plagued by another racism case with a shocking video emerging of four black fans under attack in stands during a Champions League match between Dynamo Kyiv and Chelsea.

The video shows a group of Dynamo Kyiv fans attacking four black men, Kyiv supporters themselves, in a home section of the NSK Olimpiyskiy stadium, Kyiv’s home ground.

The case has opened a can of worms with the director of the Olimpiyskiy stadium, Volodimir Spilchenko reportedly willing to consider a proposed controversial solution to racism, segregating the stands.

According to the Washington Post, Spilchenko said, “we are trying, maybe, to make a separate sector [for black fans] in order to avoid racism”.

There racism incident and the proposed segregation solution have been heavily criticised.

FARE Network executive director, Piara Powar, reportedly said: “This was a fearsome attack and then we have people who think it’s quite within the realms of a sensible response to just be trivialising the matter by suggesting separate areas of the stadium. It’s utterly ridiculous”.

Europe’s football governing body Uefa says, Dynamo Kyiv will face three charges, including that of fans racist behaviour, The Guardian reported.

However, following Spilchenko’s comments and ensuing outrage, the stadium posted a statement on its Facebook page claiming they had been taken out of context, The Guardian reported

Racism at football matches is the game’s enduring problem and FIFA has put in place various measures to deal with the problem.

Watch video of the disturbances and racist attack:


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