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UKRAINE NEWS” An exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and the separatists process

Exchanged each of the Ukraine-backed separatists and Moscow region Donetsk new batch of prisoners, where separatists to hand over 20 people have died in separatist Mgmomcithm prisons Amntqh Donetsk, Ukraine has also handed over 20 separatist who were languishing in its jails.

This exchange took place and the process area of ​​the province of Donetsk Dkochaevski, according to Valeria Otkovskaya Mufodhaloaly human rights Ukrainian parliament announced.

The Ukraine since July 2015 handed over 87 prisoners from the separatists, who have been arrested during the ongoing conflict in the country’s southeast.

This exchange process comes in the framework of the Minsk agreements within a point of focus on the two parties to exchange prisoners between them delivered.


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