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UKRAINE NEWS” Day of Victory over death: what is the sacred meaning of May 9

This year, both secular and religious holidays – the main choice for our people – intricately aligned and intertwined. And, fortunately, this is the year of some global conflicts and divisions on the basis of “this is what we are celebrating, but this is – absolutely not” been observed. It is clear that there is a liberal society, but also that its absolute minority, it is this community, in its negative pathos, the eternal “repentance” and accusations of “obscurantism” looks frankly ridiculous. Well, at least, so now it responds to a large part of society.

Because, probably, for them and it is not necessary. But on the sacred meaning of the current need to talk of dates. First and foremost, of course, about Victory Day, May 9 about. Fortunately, this sacred meaning of Easter has arrived only highlights.

Holy war

Start, however, is from 8 May, with the date of the church, which many people do not know. It is a holiday, which is called “Antipascha”, or, if translated literally, “semblance of Easter.” On this day the Church celebrates, including the appearance of Christ and the Apostle Thomas, to put Thomas’ finger in the ulcer. ” Thus Christ showed that his death was real, that his death was in the flesh, in human nature – and that the wounds from the cross stayed on it, and after the resurrection from the dead.

We are in this story is important to understand that to conquer death, to go to the very end. For real. Not only the common man but also God himself, who became the son of man. And the next day, May 9, this year we remember the story of a man’s death and victory over death. What carried the Reich not the Soviet Union or even the notorious Soviet power, and all our people? Destruction. Either immediately or gradually.

Remember that Hitler spoke about the division of society into “eastern territories”? As in every village, in every quarter of the city should have its own history, religion and culture. Think about the triumph of eugenics in the Third Reich. We have been waiting for these “eugenic laws” if defeated Reich. The cultural, moral, historical and intellectual degradation, relegation of us do not even to the level of slaves, and to the level of “intelligent animals” and our subsequent slow or very slow destruction. That’s what would have awaited us, and not “to drink Bavarian.” And exactly why Great Patriotic War became a holy war.

Against our ancestors, and against the whole world in the face of the Reich and its allies came death itself. And Soviet soldiers literally “trampled death by death.” Millions of dead soldiers averted death spiritually and physically from all over the country, and from all over the world. Therefore we can say that there is a sacred Victory Day, timeless meaning. The world then, in the forties, stood over the precipice – and only thanks to the sacrifice of our ancestors kept from falling into it.

Eternal values

Why now our former allies in the war so negate, “overwritten” role of a Soviet soldier? Soldier in the first place for them, Russian? Why, according to them, Reich was defeated by anyone, not just us? Partly because our allies themselves brought the situation to this very precipice, flirting with Hitler. USA so all actively traded with the Reich, and then long to decide what is more profitable – to counteract the German or maintain neutrality? Neutrality, incidentally, is also highly conditional.

Europe and America have flirted with the monster. Long betting and solved the problem with the second front. Ah, the “Anglo-Saxon pragmatism.” And, in general, the same bombardment of Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki – these attempts in the last stages of the war, when everything and everyone was already clear, make a bloody show to show “a contribution to the common cause.” Invest, it must be said, in the best traditions of the fascist – on civilians. And then we began to rewrite history. And now, in the West, too many people believe that they have won something. A “totalitarian Mordor”, they say, and only engaged in “heaping up corpses” and “new occupation”.

Well, our “progressive community” is not far behind. Last year, she composed utopia about how to be nice to us lived, defeating the Nazis. This year, the same public offering us repent for May 9. To arrange a national mourning. But, sorry, repent of what? Which of these “crimes of the regime?” In the victory over Hitler’s Germany? That saved the world from the abyss? What have shown the world how our people are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of higher goals for the sake of life, justice and the future? Yes, apparently for this.

For that dared to be higher not only opponents but also its own allies. Because streamed the whole nation to such heights of morality that could transcend his own death. That’s what we should be “ashamed” because in the light of the glorious deeds of our ancestors is clearly visible all the poverty, greed and pettiness consumer, mercantile Western ideology. The one that a few months ago criticized the Patriarch, in which the “highest and only value – human life.” So, the feat of our people in the great and holy war clearly shows to the world that there are values ​​and higher values ​​are eternal.

Out of time and death

So when our liberals ask, “Well, why do you celebrate? Veterans already almost gone, all this has long been what this saber-rattling? “- In fact they are not about history, prescription of years or military equipment. They pull their arms to that outside of time. By the sacred, the semantic nucleus of Victory, which is not measured in years or decades, does not fade with time.

Because such indignation at the time broke “progressive community” about the action “Immortal regiment.” After all this action – another visible expression of the idea that the dead heroes of the war or died later – beyond time and death. What is their deed is not subject to a period of years.

Over the years, the people in our country comes to an ever deeper awareness of the meaning of the Victory. And with consciousness comes and unity, a sense of inner strength and dignity. After all, we – the descendants of those people that defeated death.


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