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UKRAINE NEWS” Mobilization in Ukraine will depend on the situation in the Donbass – Poroshenko

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said today that the situation in the Donbass directly affect the conduct of mobilization in the country.

The President in his speech at the action “The first minute of the world” in Kyiv stressed that tries to minimize the impact of war on the lives of every citizen of Ukraine. In this Poroshenko refused to promise that the mobilization will not be in 2016, referring to the situation in the south-east of the country. It is up to the conflict in the Donbass independent perspective and scale of the mobilization, the President believes.

Poroshenko added that he appreciates the willingness to sacrifice and Ukrainian soldiers and officers to carry out any task. “But as the supreme commander must take into account all the factors: the military, international, economic, etc.”, – said Poroshenko and stressed bet on political and diplomatic way to resolve the situation in the Donbass.

We add today Poroshenko addressed the mothers of soldiers fighting in the Donbass APU with the words that he inexpressibly painful to receive news of the death of Ukrainian soldiers. According to him, it is the willingness of mothers to send their sons to war will decide the outcome of the confrontation between Kiev and the eastern regions of the country.


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