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UKRAINE NEWS” The richest man in Ukraine agrees to lead Aldonbas to end the war

Leads the Ukrainian presidency negotiations and was described as “serious” with billionaire Rinat Ohamidov (the richest man in Ukraine) and Yuri Boiko, leader of the opposition bloc for the appointed leaders of the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. This Makeshvt him and Ukrainian media, including the newspaper “Pravda Ookraaienskaaa”, referring to sources familiar with the Presidency.

According to the same sources, the United States did not oppose the appointment of Ohamidov commander of the eastern region, which secretes they contain well-known.

The proposed scenario and who stays away, according to observers unfinished features yet, especially since leaks pushers did not clearly mention the full scheme, which will resort to the Ukrainian presidency and how it would deal with the Russian party in this regard.

In an initial reaction it revealed the “opposition” led by Boyko agreed on the block on this matter, but noted that this appointment mechanism is not yet fully understood.

“We are consulting with the authorities to help implement to end the conflict and restore the rebel territory to Ukraine Minsk agreements, and the people who live there. Not only myself, but also members of the opposition bloc is ready to participate


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