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UKRAINE NEWS”Kiev figured out how to return the uncontrolled territory of Donbass

Kiev authorities have developed a plan for the return of uncontrolled territories of Donbass, but the details of the plan are kept secret.

He lifts the veil of mystery minister for the occupied territories and displaced persons Vadim Sandpiper. He outlined the main principles of the plan.

“Peaceful conditions in parallel strengthening of the security and defense sector”, – informs with reference to Chernysh “Gromadska TV.” Disclose any further details of the plan Sandpiper refused citing the fact that the plan until there is only in draft form.

Kiev has repeatedly stated that the only way to resolve the conflict in the Donbass – political. However, Kiev’s actions suggest diametrically opposite positions on the issue. Kiev intends to return the Donbass by force. For this, he regularly pulls in the contact line of military equipment and personnel, provocations and sabotage. Since May 9 in Donetsk planned to commit a terrorist act – the explosion in the storage of fuels and lubricants in one of the warehouses of Donetsk. Fortunately, the attack was averted.


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