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Warning! Fraudsters steal ATM card pins using tiny cameras on machines

London police have uncovered a new trend amongst fraudsters used to steal ATM card pins at cash points.

News reports have revealed that fraudsters have devised new means to defraud people by stealing ATM card pins.

Metro UK reports that fraudsters now plant tiny cameras in regular ATM’s allowing them to steal the cardholders pin.


These tiny cameras are reportedly planted behind pinhead sized holes, with a false cover, hidden above the cash dispensing slot with a clear view of the keypad on the machine.

According to the reports, the new method of defrauding innocent victims was discovered by the police at a cashpoint in St Paul’s Churchyard in central London in February.

Since then, several articles have been published to alert the general public of the menace.

Metro UK reports that a similar device was discovered inside a cashpoint in the area on March 7 and police officers have seized two similar devices which are believed to have been attached to cash machines within the city.


The police are advising that members of the public be careful and stay vigilant when using ATM’s in London as a whole.

“If you spot anything unusual about a cash machine, or if there are signs of tampering, don’t use it. If in doubt, try and use a machine inside a branch.”


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