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Why Nigerians Are Denied Visas

Almost all Nigerians want to travel abroad. The reasons may vary from the search for better living standards and employment opportunities to studying, tourism and so on. Every day hundreds of Nigerians throng embassies to apply for visas, but in many cases their applications are rejected. 

According to analysts, there are 5 main reasons why visa applications end up with a negative answer:

1. Blank travel history

United States Embassy (Lagos)

Some embassies require that visa applicants should have visited several countries before applying to them. They would not allow their country to be your first outing, especially if you have never traveled anywhere before. That’s why some embassies deny Nigerians the privilege of traveling abroad due to lack of or low travel histories on their part.


2. Bad interview

Consulate General of Italy in Lagos

Some applicants are being rejected because of their answers during interviews. For example, a lot of people response positively when being asked if they had any friends or relatives in the state they were going to visit. The consular officer may reason out that since the applicant has a relation abroad, there is a tendency the person may not want to return home, so they get their applications rejected.

3. Fake documents

US Embassy, Abuja. CAD graphics

Some Nigerians are so desperate in their desire to travel abroad that they provide false documents to strengthen their application. Usually they are quickly detected by visa officers and eventually their requests for visas are denied. The most unlucky ones get a travel ban into such country for several years as a penalty for presenting fake docs.

4. Low funds

Embassy of Mexico in Nigeria. Abuja

Travelling is expensive. You should better settle some expenses before your departure: air fares, accommodation abroad, feeding, basic traveling allowance, etc. An Embassy should be convinced that you have enough money to go in their country. So, if the visa officer was not satisfied with your balance on the bank statement, you would be rejected.

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5. A few ties at home

Embassy of Switzerland in Nigeria

Visa seekers are to have ties in their home country. It can be in a form of land properties, a running business, marriage, family, and children. Such ties give visa officer some level of trust that the applicant will surely return home.

Nigerians need to realize that all the documents should be applied appropriately and no fakes should be attached for the successful application.




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