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Woman shows horrific injuries after bear ripped her face off, says the movie Revenant’s depiction of a bare attack is absurd

An America woman who survived a real bear attack has called the depiction of a bear attack in movie, The Revenant as “risibly faked” and absurd. The 68 year old woman said she found the scenes laughable as a bear attack isn’t that easy to deal with.

She then revealed graphic photos from her own attack to prove that the scene didn’t make sense .
Allena Hansen was mauled by a bear on her Californian ranch back in 2008 – losing her nose, ears and 14 teeth.

Comparing her horrific injuries to Leo’s superficial facial scratches, she laughed at the “absurdity” of the Oscar-nominated movie.
The survivor said she had to endure dozens of surgeries and years of rehab as a result of the attack.
When she was attacked, Allena managed to fight the bear off with the help of her two large dogs – and by poking the bear’s eye with her thumb nail.

Allena said that Leo’s scene struck her as “risibly faked” and was also amused by the scene where Leo’s character gallops off a cliff edge – killing his horse but not him.

She added:

“Having gone off a cliff or two on horseback, I can assure you that: 1. Leo can’t ride for s*** and 2. Appaloosas [the breed of horse he rode] are a lot smarter than that.”



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